Choon Of The Week

~ 15/11/17 ~

Ponzu Island - Super Koto
Some tropical bizzo for your summer soundtrack. Radical film clip too.

~ 7/11/17 ~

Guts - Breezin'
It doesn't get much more chilled than this. Just go with the breeeze, baby.

~ 1/11/17 ~

Harari - Party
Some real tasty African Disco. Guaranteed to get you right in the groove-spot. Eargasmic.

~ 25/10/17 ~

Fred Wesley - House Party
Scientists say this is the only song guaranteed to get any house party pumping. True story. Enjoy the horns, and party on.

~ 18/10/17 ~

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
Blue-eyed soul, rock, jazz, pop, all melted down into some buttery smoothness. Note the drums. Note the bass. Note that delicious flute. Bizzo.

~ 11/10/17 ~

Booker T & The M G 's - Green Onions
The definition of cool, in musical form, as portrayed by Booker T. & his M.G.'s. The organ never sounded so hip.

~ 4/10/17 ~

Pillowtalk - Sunny
So smooth. So soulful. So downright choonful. Yep, new word. Heard it here first.


~ 23/9/17 ~

Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Let this downright chewn take you on a rattling jazz funk disco journey. So many tasty instruments have their own delicious little cameos. Deeelish.


~ 25/7/17 ~

Dr Togo - Be Free
"Come on in and join the party, don't just sit there move your feet" - some party bizzo in the form of 1980s Italo disco. Molto bene.


~ 11/7/17 ~

The Nassauvians - Slacking Off
Just about as peaceful as music gets. Beachside bizzo from 1970s Bahamas.



~ 21/6/17 ~

40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off (Greg Wilson edit)
"Don't turn it off I kind of like it" - not much more needs to be said about this sexc bizzo.


~ 14/6/17 ~

L'Impératrice - Sonate pacifique
A cosmic and dreamy dance track comin' outta France. The title translates as 'Peaceful Sonata' - pretty apt, you'll see. And then at 4:09 it goes ⚡⚡ Très Bien.


~ 7/6/17 ~

Cerrone - Hooked On You (Kon's Nite Time Remix)
Extremely underrated and under-appreciated, this timeless groove needs more airtime. Lavish bizzo.


~ 31/5/17 ~

Spies Are Watching Me (Feat. Sir Jean) - Voilaaa
This Afro-Disco banger would just about get any dancefloor on the planet pumping. B to the izzo.


~ 24/5/17 ~

Only You - Steve Monite
Nigeria in the 80s produced a heap of prolific disco bizzo. This spacey number is a straight up party anthem.


 ~ 17/5/17 ~

Waiting For Your Love - Usje Sukatma
Smooth, dreamy, groovy little number. Possibly the greatest thing to ever come out of Suriname.