"You don't stop being radical because you get old. You get old because you stop being radical" - Radical Grandpa, 2004.

Strictly Bizzo was created to bring about a rebirth of the gnarly surf-style tees of the 80s and 90s. It was inspired by one very special individual, the 88 year old "Radical Grandpa".
In early 2017, Radical Grandpa’s grandson created Strictly Bizzo, after his Grandpa grew tired of not being able to find any fresh threads. In the twilight of an illustrious existence, Radical Grandpa has never looked more superfly than he does today. 

RG has since become an internet phenomenon, and his way of life has motivated a lazy and idle generation to unleash their inner radness. 

In 1948 Radical Grandpa did the first ever ‘shaka’. He was big wave surfing in Tahiti, and after emerging from a thunderous barrel, he directed the revolutionary hand gesture at a group of mates on the beach. The rest is history.